The glorification of the legendary geek inventor Nikola Tesla

The glorification of the legendary geek inventor Nikola TeslaNikola Tesla is the poster child for the story of the little guy who takes on the world. He came to America with just a few cents in his pocket, looking to find a better life, and prove his point to the world. What adds extra energy to the story is that Tesla just didn't go up against the world, he went up against the greatest inventor of all times, Thomas Edison.

While there is a current coolness to loving Tesla for being the unsung hero, there is also a coolness for bashing Thomas Edison. It is almost impossible to get the words Edison and light bulb out of your mouth without someone shouting, "Edison didn't invent the light bulb!" There is a boastful gloating by some in calling Edison evil, and contrasting Tesla as the good that defeated the evil.

But Tesla didn't stop with just defeating Edison, he took on the other giants of his day. I remember when I was growing up reading that Marconi invented the radio. Ah, how wrong, say the Tesla fans, "Marconi didn't invent the radio!" They claim Marconi stole all his ideas from Tesla!

Tesla defeated the mighty Edison, his ideas were stolen by the great Marconi. But Tesla went after another giant of his day, he took on Einstein, the greatest scientist of his day, and dared to call Einstein, a long haired crank.

Beyond the character of good versus evil, there is the mystical Tesla, who went to the mountain tops of Colorado to harness lightning for the good of mankind, and communicate with other worlds along the way. The final battle of Tesla versus the world are the stories of the mythical free energy that Tesla promised he could create, but was stopped, and silenced by the evil corporate America.

The War of Currents was a battle between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse, but the internet has changed it to a battle between Thomas Edison and Nikola Telsa, it makes for a better story.

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